Sunday, February 1, 2009

MIA Alum

It's hard to believe our 10-year reunion is only 6 months away. The planning committee is still in the process of finding graduates and we would like your help. Here is a list of alum we don't have e-mail addresses for. If you have any of them, please e-mail us at Even if you or those grads you know are not coming to the reunion, we would still like to get the e-mail addresses. We will begin asking for RSVPs on April 1st. Until then, if you have any questions or comments, feel free to e-mail us at

Here is the list of MIA alum:

Lourdes Alonso
Sonia Alonzo
Mireya Andrade-Chavez
Christina Barngrover-Flores
Consuelo Benitez-Mendiza
Petra Blas
Chris Bostwick
Josh Bowling
Jerry Casillas
Rosie Chapman-Brotherton
Jeremy Clarno
TJ Clayton
Preston Cochran
Deidre Della Rose
Joseph Dipaola
Wilson Dosso
Angel Dufour-Wilson
Dan Eichler
Janel Forte
Orion Freeman-Anderson
Bonnie Graham
Franklin Guevara
Holli Haddock
Genevieve Hampson
Jackie Herinckx
Ernest Hughes
Eydy Huitzil-Perez
Holly Juden-Porter
Kevin Kim
Tamara Knowles
Tom Lamont
Kris Lamping
Baldemar Lara
Krishpollo Le
Max Luis-Lopez
Monica Madrigal
Chris Matson
Lucy McGee
Maria Medina-Juarez
Nicolas Mendoza
Primitivo Mendoza
Jesse Nelson
Darren Osborn
John Pascual
Pablo Pena
Nebiz Perez
Ryan Porter
Gabriella Rehling
Holli Rhoades
Kevin Robison
Jenny Rodriguez
Adam Romine
Maelle Rosa
Conrad Schneider
Curtis Spain
Jesse Spear
Daniel Spyker
Jeff Tankersley
Narda Terrazas
Anna Maria Timmerbalka
Barbara True-Gehrke
Ryan Uhl
Jessica VanDomelen
Lewis Walker
Josh (Stevens) Walters
Brent Wellington
Lee Williams
Aimee Wright
Marisela Zamundio
Kim Zeiter

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